3D Printed Universal Tablet Grip/Stand

I looked around for a gizmo that will let me hold my 10" tablet with one hand. These are my criteria:

1. Lightweight and portable

2. Easily detachable and re-attached

3. Effortless to hold

I didn't like any of the ones I found online, so I designed my own using OpenSCAD. It's a small handle with 2 holes for the index and middle fingers to slip though, and uses 3M Command Picture Hanging strips (medium size) to attach to the tablet.
You can hold the tablet securely with one hand in portrait or landscape position, or use it as a tablet stand. It is simple to detach and re-attach, and small enough to put int the pocket. It can also be adapted for both lefties and righties (or both, if you want to alternate between them).

One additional advantage is that the 3M strips can be removed from the back of the tablet without leaving a trace.

Print time is quite short and should not take more than an hour.

Find this project on Thingiverse.


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