ESPCLOCK3, Runtime Upate

I started running the final version of ESPCLOCK3 on 22 May at 11:10pm on 4 x Ikea's LADDA AA 2450mAH rechargeables.  The clock ran flawlessly until 19 Aug 9:10am. So total runtime was just a few days shy of the calculated 4-month duration. The batteries were all depleted and measuring ~1V each.

The clock was mounted in front of my desk, and it stayed accurate to the second throughout the entire time.

The voltage level during the end of battery life seems to bounce around the 2.8V threshold level. So I will make some minor code change to stop the clock until input voltage level rises above some upper threshold level eg. 3.0V.

I plan to run it for another test cycle. This test cycle should allow me to test clock adjustment for daylight saving.


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