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Compiling Marlin 2.x for the Creality Ender 3 using PlatformIO

 I had previously modded my Ender 3 to use the FreeABL for auto bed-leveling. This requires compiling and uploading a custom version of Marlin firmware with  AUTO_BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR enabled. Since this takes quite a quite of extra storage, it requires  SLIM_LCD_MENUS to be enabled. This removes the function to configure E-steps from the control panel.  As mentioned in my previous post , setting the right E-steps value is one of the most important operation to perform when changing filament or print nozzle. As a result of enabling  SLIM_LCD_MENUS , I can only configure E-steps by hooking up the Ender 3 to my laptop and issuing raw G-codes. This was getting old pretty fast. So the other day, I started poking around to see if there is a way to fit both  AUTO_BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR  and  SLIM_LCD_MENUS  in the limited storage on the plain-vanilla Ender 3. After much research and tinkering, I am glad to report this is indeed possible. Here are 2 links I found most useful in helping me