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How to disable Firefox "Open in new window" context menu item

I can't remember how many times I have accidentally clicked on "Open in New Window" when I meant to select "Open in new tab" when using Firefox. Finally irritated me enough to find a solution. Locate C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\ Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles . There should be two files: userChrome-example.css and userContent-example.css . Copy userChrome-example.css to a new file called userchrome.css and open it in a text editor. Add the following lines to the end of the file: /* Never show “Open in New Window” when right clicking */ #context-openlink {display: none !important;} I also added this block to remove "Open in New Private Window": /* Never show "Open in New Private Window" when right clicking */ #context-openlinkprivate { display: none !important; } Now my Firefox context menu shows only "Open Link in New Tab": Great!